I'm a Michigan based drummer, percussionist, songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and actor.

​I'm currently the drummer/front man/actor for the primal bagpipe and drum band "PICTUS," performing at venues and renaissance festivals nationwide portraying, "Oengus MacOg," a character I created for Renaissance festivals, etc.

I have 30 years of drumming and musical experience both on stage and in studio. I'm available as a session music for sit-ins, studio sessions and live performances.

​I use a wide range of professional equipment such as Pearl drums, Paiste and Sabian cymbals, Meinl percussion, Vater sticks, Vic Firth mallets and more.

I also play a variety of percussion and world drums such as; djembe, cajon, bohdran, tupan and more. I'm even known in Irish session circles as a pretty cool musical spoons player! :-)

I've also been playing guitar mostly rhythm  (imagine that!) singing and songwriting for about as long as I've been drumming. I'm not afraid of a microphone or being the "voice" of a band, whether it be from the front or the back of the stage.

I penned 7 albums of original material for the Celtic Rock band "Mother Grove" and have penned hundreds of songs since then. All of which are sitting in notebooks ready for the right project!

Heart Outline
Third Eye
Heart with Wings